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I been a professional photographer since I worked for the US Government documenting Test and Evaluation of Research and Development projects for the US Army and US Navy in the later half of the 1980s. I came home to Maine to finish my Marketing Degree at USM and began to work full time in Market Research and Marketing for many years while documenting weddings and occasional photojournalist and commercial jobs on the weekends. In 2001 I again returned to photography as a full time trade and have never been a happier man. I love working with creative individuals, couples, small businesses and select Non-Profits and can’t imagine working in any other trade. In 1987 I was lucky enough to wed my high school sweetheart and we now live in a cozy little solar powered, recycled bungalow a mile deep in our woods in the Western Hills of Maine with our two brilliant home-schooled teenage daughters and our three cats.


PAW: More Foliage

A gorgeous maple at the top of Fessenden Hill...

(this one made it into my Blog in 2005 as well...he is one of my recurring subjects.)

A beautiful orange maple as seen in the infrared specrtum...

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seev said...

What a beautiful shot of that orange tree! That's the one across from Lenny and Bill's, isn't it? I've noticed that too. Every year it creates terrific colors until all the leaves go quickly. Aging has its rewards. ;-)