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I been a professional photographer since I worked for the US Government documenting Test and Evaluation of Research and Development projects for the US Army and US Navy in the later half of the 1980s. I came home to Maine to finish my Marketing Degree at USM and began to work full time in Market Research and Marketing for many years while documenting weddings and occasional photojournalist and commercial jobs on the weekends. In 2001 I again returned to photography as a full time trade and have never been a happier man. I love working with creative individuals, couples, small businesses and select Non-Profits and can’t imagine working in any other trade. In 1987 I was lucky enough to wed my high school sweetheart and we now live in a cozy little solar powered, recycled bungalow a mile deep in our woods in the Western Hills of Maine with our two brilliant home-schooled teenage daughters and our three cats.


26th Popham Beach Beltaine!

Once again it was time to gather at Popham Beach State Park to celebrate our community (somehow) maintaining our sanity through the long dark VERY snowy winter.

This year Beltaine too was cold, windy and it rained on us and the mighty Atlantic has changed Popham Beach drastically from last year, but the 100 or so folks who showed up braved the weather, no access to Fox island, the smaller beach and eroded dunes and we all had much fun and great food anyhow.

I've a more complete photo essay of the day that you can check out by clicking on this first photo of the May Pole, but if you are bandwidth deprived, here are my four favourite photos from the day:

The larger of our two Maypoles this year ( on this to get to the photo essay.)

Happy drummer and dancing daughter in the GROOVE!

With this third win in a row, Lestat of Clan Samhain Dell is now Thrice Fleet of Foot and Beloved of Pan.

Victorious runner of the under 13 class receives his Necklace of Honour.


On the way home from the 26th Annual Beltaine Celebration at the Beach this afternoon (next post), I saw this beautiful tree in full bloom in Portland near the Whole Foods Market and had to stop and smell the flowers (and make a few photos)...

While we may still yet see some real snow (it was spitting snow at the beach with the cold rain), the blooms whispered to me that Spring has finally arrived in Maine!


Our Walks and Talks

We've all been trying to walk the two miles out the road and back every day for the last few weeks while the weather is ok and the bugs aren't out bad yet. It has been fun. For Earthday we picked up all the cans and trash that somehow find their way onto our backwoods road.

We also got to go to Seanachie Night at Bull Feeny's Pub in Portland the other night to hear some tails of Celtic heritage (after a nice meal.) Seanachie are basically Irish Bards. It was well done.


Sheepfest 2008

Sheepfest 2008.
It seemed late this year, but the snow has just started to leave. I've much more extensive write up of Sheepfest from years past. Enter Sheep in the search block at the top of the page to check it out.


Shadow Portrait

I got some real wood and hide snow shoes from the Corn Shop in Bridgton. Took a walk in the very deep snow in our woods. Made this 'self portrait.'