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I been a professional photographer since I worked for the US Government documenting Test and Evaluation of Research and Development projects for the US Army and US Navy in the later half of the 1980s. I came home to Maine to finish my Marketing Degree at USM and began to work full time in Market Research and Marketing for many years while documenting weddings and occasional photojournalist and commercial jobs on the weekends. In 2001 I again returned to photography as a full time trade and have never been a happier man. I love working with creative individuals, couples, small businesses and select Non-Profits and can’t imagine working in any other trade. In 1987 I was lucky enough to wed my high school sweetheart and we now live in a cozy little solar powered, recycled bungalow a mile deep in our woods in the Western Hills of Maine with our two brilliant home-schooled teenage daughters and our three cats.


PAW 2006 - Wk #39 - Two Lights

We now interupt the regularly scheduled BLOG for a typical cliche Maine image...

Now that that is out of the system, we can now return you to your regularly scheduled BLOG exploring the lives of a typical Western Maine family as they also head to the coast to enjoy one of the last nice Summer days...

We went to Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth. We didn't go to the State Park, but rather had lunch at the Lobster Shack at the end of Two Lights Rd. and then explored the rocks and the periwinkles and crabs down below the Two Lights that gave name to the State Park.

If I had had a teacher like this when I was in school, I think I'd have had much more fun and got much better marques! (Yes, my kids know that I have the hots for their teacher...even after almost 20 years of marriage.)

home education
often means leaving one's home
to explore the world

Learning opportunities never end for a homeschooling family...Tracey is really great with the Earth Sciences especially when we can get hands on and do some field work with the grrrls.

While not part of our class activites this MECCA student was working with a nice 4X5 view camera down on the beach below one of the Two Lights for an upcoming assignment...

PAW 2006 - Wk#38 - Jockey Cap

we climbed jockey cap
the hill overlooks Fryeburg
only a short walk

Late summer is the time that we really like to get out and enjoy Maine. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities and we need the exercise. These are views from the top of Jockey Cap a small hill (barely a 1/4 mile walk to the top) that gets you up overlooking the valley wherein lies Fryeburg, Maine and the mighty Saco river. The horizontal shot here is looking across the valley out to the White Mountain National Forests and the Presidential Range. Mt. Washington is in the middle of this shot. In another month Mt. Washington will be covered with bright white snow at the top and will stay that way for most of the following 12 months. It seems only in late Summer that it is all green.


PAW 2006 - Wk#37 - Another Rainbow

a very dark storm
ended in a bright rainbow
fear subdued by light

We drove throught the terrific thunder storm all the way home from the wedding and when we crested the hill, the brilliant stormlight of the setting sun hit the cloud vapours just right to produce this wonder in the field on Fessenden Hill. We are entering that time of year when the light is most conducive to great photography in Maine.

PAW 2006 - Wk# 36 - Guardian

at the windows edge
our guardian spins and waits.
her web will work well

Huge barn spiders have taken up living in the deep overhanging eaves of our roof. This one lives just outside of the kitchen window where I made this photo just after dusk. We like them there becuase they tend to keep the more prone to biting bug population down a bit. (or rather a bite as it were!)


A Beth Photo of Me

I know this is my PhotoBlog, but my youngest grrrl keeps amazing me with her photography as much as my eldest impresses me with her drawing. Until we set her up with her own Blog, I'll share these here for the grandparents as well. (What can I say, I'm a dad who is proud of his grrrls.) We hiked up to the top of Jockey Cap today in Fryeburg. Beth took this portrait of me in my sage survival Utilikilt while I was shooting with an ancient Ziess Ikon 6X9. I like this one so much, I'm updating my Blog avatar with it.